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What is birth psychology

Birth psychology is a field of scientific research and observation that studies the role of our early experiences in the womb at conception, during birth, and throughout infancy. It also explores how it influences the life pattern we unknowingly adopt as adults in our later life.

Birth Psychology

Why understanding Birth Psychology is essential ?

In the modern science and medicine, in the past, there was a popular belief that babies did not have the ability to think, feel or have their own experiences before birth or even many months after birth. Now through dedicated research and evidence obtained by using modern technology, it is known that, babies are capable of feeling, learning, remembering and communicating before, during and after birth.
These factors point toward the necessity to change the way in which we connect and interact with babies, during pregnancy, through the birth process and throughout infancy.
The knowledge of Birth psychology makes pregnancy one of the most important periods in a woman’s (and of the baby inside her womb’s) life and why society should focus on prenatal care (period during pregnancy) and support for pregnant mother to the highest priority.
It is found that since the expectant mothers’ physical and emotional well-being directly impacts the physical and emotional development and well -being of their babies in the womb. Protecting this special period for mother is one of the most significant ways we can influence the well-being of our society and the future world. In fact creating a healthy womb helps to create a healthy and happy world.
Raising children who can grow up with clarity , possess motivation and having the capacity to find peaceful solutions to the present day problems ,plaguing the world is the best possible option and hope for the future world. We all know prevention is better than cure.
Birth psychology provides us with the information about how we as parents are empowered and blessed with the power and tools to be the genetic engineers of our kids. It shows the ways in which we can design the personality of our kids, if we start being conscious and aware and a little committed to investing our time and energy towards this sacred cause.
Here you have an option not to blame the genetics. Here something called epigenetics can work wonders, overriding the effect of genetic factors underlying anyone. Whatever the genetic factor one may hold, there is a potential in everybody, to positively override those effects. Providing a very nurturing, caring and compassionate womb environment can lay the most vital foundation for the building up of a strong and balanced personality of the baby in the future as an adult. Modern research indicates that, any pattern in your behavior, whether positive or negative, that you are experiencing right now has a strong root connected to those experiences you had as a baby in the womb, through your mother.
In fact, you are not just you; it is the combination of you, your mother, and the outside world. Your experiences in the womb are those which were actually experienced by your mother, how she experienced the world outside, how she was treated in the family and society and also her basic personality, that was developed, when she was in her mother’s (Your grandmother) womb as well which again depends on how your grandmother experienced the world when she was pregnant with your mother.
But the fact is that, nothing is written on rocks, the very new studies about Neuro plasticity also confirm this fact. We as parents have the potential to erase and not transfer , those ,undesirable , negative pattern (Physical and mental) in us to our kids by choosing a conscious living, especially the mothers during pregnancy, or even from the time of conception if the pregnancy is a planned one.
Hence awareness regarding the impact of the mental state and emotions of the mother on the physical and mental growth and development of the child and how it contributes in laying the foundation in building up personality, interpretation and perception of one’s life experiences as adults may help the families and the society to be more compassionate and supportive to pregnant women, to nurture the future world into a more happier and peaceful place to live.
Having a positive and nurturing womb and birth experience is every baby’s birth right, which sets the foundation for each of them to reach their highest possible potential.