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About Founder

Santhija G

  • MA in counselling psychology
  • PG Diploma in Mindfulness based counselling and listening with embodied presence,
    ( a unique course offered by St.Mira’s College , Pune, in collaboration with Just being centre, Pune).
  • Certified  Yoga volunteer from Ministry of AYUSH, India.
  •  Member of APPPAH (Association for Prenatal- Perinatal Psychology And Health), USA.
  • Certified and Listed as Prenatal Perinatal Psychology Educator by APPPAH, USA

Birth of Sacred Cocoon™

I am, an Engineer turned counselling psychologist. Before my role as a counselling Psychologist, I was working with various projects at companies like Infosys and Sobha developers Ltd, in the role of planning engineer.

My transition from an Engineer to a Psychologist was quite an un expected event, thanks to both my sons, my experiences during pregnancy and their birth was one of the main reason why the Sacred Cocoon is a reality today.

As a very well – educated, working woman, I had all access to the best health care system, a pregnant woman could have, but I always felt a void somewhere, which kept me having the feeling of something deficient in my life.

Though the whole family eagerly awaited the good news about my pregnancy, and the entire atmosphere was of celebration and happiness, I was unhappy and disturbed for some unknown reason. There were a lot of strange, unnamed, disturbing emotions and feelings and I was not comfortable with any of them.

A lot of anxiety for no reason, a lot of frustrations for no reason and a lot of anger and mood swings for no reason. When I look back, those are the only period in my entire life which I regret about. I hardly cared for the baby growing inside me…, well I was following all the health regimes, checkups, medicines and diets which the doctor prescribed, but…. I was not bothered or aware at all of the essential emotional diet a baby requires when he/she is inside the womb. I forgot the fact that, a tiny, little life was, eagerly looking up to me, the only point of contact he has with the outside world. I never knew he would understand the world outside as, how I see and experience the world.

I never bothered to have some cheesy chit chats with my unborn baby, which we both would have enjoyed and cherished later and never tried to make an initial bonding with my unborn baby. I was completely unaware of the importance of early bonding practices and womb talks, that a mother should have with her baby and also the importance of maintaining a healthy and happy emotional state for laying a good and strong foundation for  a baby’s personality in the future as an adult.

My most dominant emotion during most of the pregnancy period was “dissociated and detached”, and the effect was very much seen in my elder son’s behavior and his most dominant trait, even his basic trait, till the age of 3 (It was then I came across the concept of birth psychology and healing kids through the principles of birth psychology) was the same, affectionless and detached. He was intellectually and physically active, but he showed no attachment to any one at home, including me.

 I was clueless about his behavior.  It was then I came across the concept of mindfulness and started my regular yoga practices. I read a lot and a lot of books on Philosophy, Psychology and Mindfulness. It was then I was pregnant with my second son, and believe me, that pregnancy period was the most beautiful phase in my life which I enjoyed.  And I also got the answer for my elder son’s detachment and I was able to work out with that specific issue based on the Birth Psychology principle, which is very much evident in my elder son. Now he is one of the kinds of kids that any mother would love to have. My most dominant nature during my second pregnancy was happiness, gratitude and love which is exactly what my second son is. He is just happy all the time.

It is of course, a serious problem!

The Real Challenge

Though I was flooded with a lot of information and knowledge about all these fields such as Philosophy, Psychology, Mindfulness and Birth psychology, there I faced a major challenge; I think most of you, who are reading this might have also faced this. The issue was none other than “information overload”.

Having an ocean of information around you is a bigger issue than having a scarcity of information and resources .You will undoubtedly be confused about what to choose & what not to choose, which one is authentic information & which one is not. And also, it often happens to me that, I select a few practices, follow them a few days, and suddenly come across few other practices and feel these new ones are better and stop doing the previous ones. This kept on happening with me and this decreased the effectiveness of those practices. I really felt some practices were too long and boring for me. I wanted a fool proof, well – curated and organized system to follow, which would not make me feel bored and exhausted.
And….Sacred Cocoon was born.
Suddenly I could see an invisible thread that connected all the courses I have done so far, Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness and Birth psychology. I strongly felt it was really for a cause that unknowingly I came across all these fields and suddenly, at a EUREKA moment my third child, SACRED COCOON was born.
Sacred Cocoon is the result of my 4 yearlong commitment, intense and unfailing persistence, dedication and research with pure intention to have a real -time solution to the major issue I faced and probably all most pregnant women are facing today. When I look back, over these four years, I was successfully able to organize and order all the knowledge I have in this field to benefit it in the best possible way for all those who adopt these practices. I can humbly claim that I have curated a very well scientifically designed program which is fool proof, and one could definitely notice the change in the quality of their life and their perceptions about the life, even from the 1st day of these practices, in all aspects of their life in a very positive note.
Modern Women, you need more…
Throughout these years I realized there was a visible lack of support system for women in general. Supporting and scaffolding women is the actual need and call of the society for a better and happier world for many reasons. This motivated me to create and design more programs exclusively for women as the general population and not confining my services only to the pregnant women population.