Creating 'Happy Wombs', the place where every baby's journey and story begins

What we do

It is seen that a majority of important research works and findings, which would have been highly beneficial for improving the quality of human life especially in this case of pregnant women end up lost in few pages of some obscure scientific research journals. Corporates whose motives and interests are driven by money making and bottom lines ensure that
such data is withheld from people, for whom it is intended to and would have benefitted them

Sacred Cocoon strongly believes that, such information should not fade away or disappear before reaching the intended people. Such information and knowledge with vibrant and throbbing potential to change overall quality of life of the entire mankind should never be hidden under the muck of ignorance and neglect. Along with the intention to promote education and awareness about the field of birth psychology and its importance, among families and professionals, we are also interested in creating a safe space to support and nurture beings especially women where in, they can be themselves without the fear of being judged and labelled.

Social Responsibility

We understand how difficult it is for an individual if they are short of money or has to depend on some body else for financial support. And we believe the concept of Mindfulness and practices has to be accessible and affordable to all, because Healthy Mind is each one of ours basic right. If you are a student or non-earning member , as a part of Gift economy system we follow, we are happy to offer you our personal counselling sessions at a reduced, concessionary fee.